ChampCamp Fun Facts!

From afar, it could be difficult to figure us out.

As a passerby on the Strand in Manhattan Beach, we don’t blame you for not knowing how to feel about the dozens of kids in brightly-clad rashguards going buck wild on the sand. “Did I just hear sixty children and ten adults yell “OCTOPUS” at the tops of their lungs?!”

While peacefully sippin’ joe in Playa del Rey, it’s completely understandable that you might wonder to yourself, “What the


is ChampCamp, and why did their bright green van just


at me?” as we cruise by you on Culver Boulevard. Yep, the ChampVan meows (long story).

Timmy (a.k.a. "Black Beard") in between takes.

If you hear your friends describing some allegedly epic summer-long party on the sand that they are sending their kids to for the third year in a row, we know that a slurry of uncertainties will inevitably swell up in your mind. “What do they do all day? Is it even safe? What about the gluten??” Please don’t be so hard on yourself-- this is totally normal.

In an effort to shed a bit of light on the above quandaries, as well as answer some of the most common questions that we receive, we’re excited to bring to you

ChampCamp Fun Facts!

Each of these short little clips features a ChampCamp team member lending insight into some aspect of our Champtastic world. These gems will be comin’ atchya in the near future, so be ready to learn what the word “Panda” means to us, why we build a “House” in the ocean every day, and how we’re able to blow the mind of each and every type of kid that the Universe sends our way.



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