Helicopter Moms Welcome

Listen, we


get it.

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Your neighbor’s kids did

Champ Camp

last year, and by all accounts had a blast. Then in the Fall, you noticed one of your little one’s classmates rocking a mesmerizing tie dyed shirt. When you asked him where he got it, he told you that he made it at ChampCamp, and went on to corroborate your neighbor’s story, raving about his newfound passion for boogie boarding and affinity for afternoon dance-offs. And after all of this, you even saw the giant green ChampVan driving through Downtown Manhattan.

Now it’s Springtime and everyone is planning out their kids’ summers. Naturally, Champ Camp pops right into your frontal lobe. Other parents are constantly asking about your Summer plans, as they’re trying to arrange for a big group of classmates to get the ChampCamp experience together. But, even with all the perceived positivity surrounding us, you’re not quite sold-- and you shouldn’t be.

Once and for all, you decide to get to the bottom of this whole ChampCamp saga. With a

detailed interrogation

list in hand, you give us a buzz, and we chat for the better part of an hour. To your relief and surprise, we substantiate everything you’ve heard and seen over the past several months-- our high fives & good vibes mentality all but radiates through your iPhone. Suspiciously satisfied, you throw out one last zinger that will either make or break all that’s been built up to that moment. “Can I come watch what you all do down there?” you ask. “Why of course you can!” we reply.

Nailed it!

We fully acknowledge the great degree of skepticism surrounding the idea that it’s even possible for your youngster to be completely safe for a week on the beach, all while making memories that add up to this being the best summer of their life, so far. Our ostensibly far-fetched proposition shouldn’t be accepted without a healthy dose of empirical data-- your vetting process should be thorough.

So, by all means, come check us out! Cruise by the week before your child’s session, setup your own undercover camp down the beach to see what we’re up to, or even take it to the ocean and spy on us from a jet ski. Whatever it takes for your confidence in us to rise to the level of the great stuff you’ve heard about us, go do that thing! All that we ask is that you leave ample time to find parking, as the spots on our helicopter mom landing pad are usually taken :).

Clear for takeoff,