H: Happiness!

HAPPINESS. So, given 80+ kids whose birthdays span a decade (ages 4-14), you might be curious as to how we trigger and maintain all that happiness


Well, you’d think it might be our activities, right? We work tirelessly to dream up and search for all sorts of unique and innovative things to do at our weeklong party on the sand. Or, could it be that we give our campers a timely reprieve-- a chance to decompress after a seemingly endless, stressful school year?

As it turns out, while the above helps to keep our kids’ smile levels in the optimal range, it all means diddly-squat without the following intention:

We set out to convey to our campers that, whatever “happiness” means to them, Champ Camp exists to support and promote that thing

. That is, we are a place for kids to embrace each other, and themselves. Given our intention, what ensues is that campers of differing interests, ages, and temperaments learn, grow, and thrive in the exact same environment. Fascinating, isn’t it?!

Similar to most things in life, our


is far more crucial than our


. By starting from a place of total acceptance and encouragement, we position ourselves to help each of our kids feel heard, empowered, and happy-- the deets just sort of fill in from there. Now, if that’s not what it’s all about, I don’t know what is.