C: Community!

COMMUNITY. Our new kids might not realize it as their en route to camp on Monday morning, but they’re about to be immersed in a living, breathing community for at least the following five days. Heck, hopeful coaches don’t fully grasp the significance of the job they’re applying for, but the reality of this community is undeniable once one enters into it.

The word “community” gets tossed around abundantly nowadays, so what exactly do


mean by it? Our community is comprised of encouragement, inclusiveness, and togetherness. From the most seasoned camp coach down to the newest young camper, maintaining such an atmosphere is a requisite for Champ Camp to exist. We play together, we eat together, we teach each other new things, we cheer each other on, and we constantly remind one another why we’re there in the first place: to have lots and lots of meaningful fun. Devoid of this environment, we wouldn’t be us.

But wait, there’s more!.. Because this idea is so inseparable from who we are as an organization, something incredible follows: Champ Camp’s community ambience is self-regulatory. From the second our smiling coaches set the “

we’re all friends

” tone on the first day of camp, our kids start to buy into the idea that being warm, welcoming, and kind to one another is actually


. Then, in the event that someone’s being less than encouraging or inclusive, the Champ Camp Community points out the discrepancy, and ninety-nine percent of the time, all is fixed and forgiven in that moment. Watching a four year old tell an eight year old that they need to “make better choices” is an inspiring sight to see-- self confidence, anyone?

Simply, Champ Camp could not exist without Community as one of its cornerstones. From afar, we might look like we’re just frolicking around in the sun all summer. While we’re definitely doing that, there’s an ever-growing community that serves as the foundation for our frolics.