Handlin' Your Business?

Our busy season is here! There are parties to plan, trainings to schedule, equipment to buy, shirts to print, voicemails to answer, pics to post, vans to organize, and blogs to write. Trust us, we wouldn't have it any other way, but this wild time of the year always reminds us of an important mental fork in the road: either handle your business, or let it handle you!

Obviously, there's no actual choice here... We would never have been voted 

Best Kids Camp

in the South Bay if getting handled even entered our realm of possibility. However, this general idea provides us with a considerably helpful annual reminder. Each day, the universe tosses things our way that we can either charge full steam ahead towards, or let pile up in the backs of our minds, where they cause us increasing amounts of angst until we have to handle them anyways.

So, whether it's a new opportunity that's floated your way, bills piled up that you have to pay, or some beef with a loved one that needs to be smoothed over, either handle your business, or let it handle you!



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