CHAMPCAMP! prides itself in offering its champions the following three things: SAFETYVARIETY, and NON-STOP FUN! We truly believe that by offering a multitude of activities (SERIOUSLY, LOTS OF ACTIVITIES!) in a safe and controlled environment, children will discover numerous ways to move that they truly get a kick out of! 

Essentially, CHAMPCAMP! acts as the catalyst to help your child find some sort of new fun game or activity that he or she enjoys so that they can develop an active mentality early on, paving the way for a healthier lifestyle in the future!

​​Even if kids want to do something, they will sometimes refuse to participate simply because someone is telling them to do so. This can be especially harmful with physical activity because the alternative is oftentimes no activity at all. A big part of what we do at CHAMPCAMP! involves putting the ball in the camper's court. Instead of telling kids what they are going to do, we allow the campers to make their own decisions! Aside from a handful of camp-wide daily activities (warm ups, sunscreen, lunch, etc.), the kids dictate which activities they'd prefer to play each and every day.  Not only does this philosophy make for a wonderful camp experience, but it also gives the campers the satisfaction of knowing that they made the decision to participate in a given activity, increasing the likelihood that they will decide to choose it again down the road!


the CHAMPCAMP! takeaway

In addition to helping your champion find an activity that he or she enjoys, CHAMPCAMP! also works to instill within its campers other equally important life lessons. Using innovative games, arts and crafts, and imaginative skits, kids will leave CHAMPCAMP! with an enhanced sense of creativity, an awareness that can help them to invent activities of their own and continue to grow as open minded & active young people! Through their participation in group games and sports, champ campers develop astrengthened sense of community and teamwork, which are skills that will lend themselves to your champion's interaction with other kids at school and people later in life. Perhaps most importantly, CHAMPCAMP! aims to foster self-confidence in its shyer campers and to solidify it in those who are less reserved. This development is facilitated through the kids' participation in individual games, creative activities, and their interactions with new friends made at camp.

CHAMPCAMP! works hard to make sure that both the physical and mental benefits of camp work together at all times so that your child struts away FEELINGLIKE A CHAMPION!


Webster defines the word CHAMPION as "One who shows marked superiority", and the students who attend CHAMPCAMP! do EXACTLY that. While many of their friends may spend the entirety of their summer vacations playing video games and surfing the web, our campers are busy having the time of their lives at a week-long PARTY ON THE SAND!!

Being a champion involves leading a balanced lifestyle, so while there is nothing wrong with the occasional video game session, it is extremely important for children to understand the value of physical activity beginning at a young age! (THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN)...