We pride ourselves in offering our champs the following three things: SAFETY, VARIETY, and the POWER to choose! We have found over the years that, by offering a multitude of activities in a safe and controlled environment, our campers discover new ways to play every day, and connect with a handful of buddies Along the way. Here’s what being a C.H.A.M.P. means to us...



Our community is comprised of encouragement, inclusiveness, and togetherness. From the most seasoned camp counselor to the newest young camper, maintaining such an atmosphere is a requisite for us to exist. We play together, we eat together, we teach each other new things, we cheer each other on, and we constantly remind one another why we’re here in the first place: to have lots and lots of meaningful fun. Our inherent inclusiveness makes us who we are!



We set out to convey to our campers that, whatever “happiness” means to them, Champ Camp exists to support and promote that thing. That is, we are a place for kids to embrace each other, and themselves. Given our intention, what ensues is that campers of differing interests, ages, and temperaments learn, grow, and thrive in the exact same environment. Pretty Cool huh.

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Our weeks begin by empowering campers with the notion that they literally get to do whatever they want. After throwing options out to them, we sit back and let the kids paint their day. Now, for a camper who’s spent the previous ten months (or perhaps ten years) following a relatively stringent itinerary, what happens when she’s given the keys to her own city? Let us save you the research-- what we see is the enchanting merger of freedom and authenticity, which leads our campers to the realization that they each have a voice that matters.



NEEDLESS TO SAY, there are lots of moving parts involved in our operation! Most obviously, Champ Campers move their bodies A LOT! our approach to championing physical movement TO OUR CAMPERS looks something like this: let’s think of as many engaging and innovative activities as possible and encourage our kids to give A BUNCH of them a try! Being that consistently moving one’s body through space cannot be overstated, it follows that discovering some movement That brings us joy is one of the most important to-do items that exists-- our lives depend on it!

Also Carefully woven into the fabric of our programs are countless opportunities for our campers to move their minds. Given the autonomy available at Champ Camp, our kids are constantly required to consider their own interests and desires, and then make a choice accordingly. the creative endeavors that we expose our kids to is a bottomless source of mind movement. Whether we’re playing a gripping game of charades, or building a larger than life fortress with our world famous Big Blue Blocks, Champ Campers can’t help but move their minds and look at the world in new ways.

Perhaps most importantly, Champ Camp IS A MOVEMENT. The culture we’ve created makes it cool to think freely, talk differences out with each other, and let your thoughts be heard. More specifically, we're on a mission to do our part to help develop kind kids with confidence who care about each other and are ready to Take on the world-- Move it or lose it!



As we're sure you now know, Play is the bedrock of our organization, and the guiding light for all that we do. Infusing our kids with many of the big picture ideas that we all hope to acquire on our journey through life, play is the greatest form of informal education. Tinkering with seemingly unlike objects to design new things introduces us to problem solving, out-of-the-box thinking, and the value of patience. Play is restorative, affording our brains the opportunity to recharge from the more structured parts of our lives.

Perhaps more importantly, hearing another’s completely different ideas about what they think is possible to create or invent opens the doors to collaboration, empathy, and teamwork. Any way you spin it, play teaches our kids heavy hitting life lessons while simultaneously providing their minds with meaningful engagement. See why we like it so much?