Nestled on the beach beneath Palos Verdes, CHAMPCAMP! Redondo, a.k.a. The Champ Ramp, is located on the beautiful sands where Redondo Beach meets Torrance.  In addition to all that you’ve come to love about CHAMPCAMP!, our Redondo location now also offers skateboarding clinics and optional food purchases from Perry’s Cafe. To boot, this incredible location is also equipped with a vast parking lot, making drop off and pick up a breeze!

Also commonly known as CHAMPCAMP! HQ, 26th Street in Manhattan Beach has been our home since 2012. This place is where all the magic began. As our largest location, 26th has plenty going on to intrigue both the newest and most seasoned of campers. Located just down from the historic Bruce’s Beach park, and right out in front of the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Training Center, our 26th Street location is the perfect balance of safety, culture, and good old fashion fun!


Redondo Beach {Torrance Ramp}



SESSION 2:  JUNE 19 - JUNE 23 

SESSION 3:  JUNE 26 - JULY 30 

SESSION 4:  JULY 03, 06, & 07 

SESSION 7:  JULY 24 - JULY 28 

SESSION 8:  JULY 31 - AUG 04

SESSION 9:  AUG 07 - AUG 11



Playa Del Rey {"Toes Beach"} 


Recently coined the Silicon Beach Camp, CHAMPCAMP! Playa is located on the beautiful sands of Toe’s Beach, directly adjacent to Playa Vista and Marina del Rey. The smallest scale of our three locations, CHAMPCAMP! Playa is perfect for campers who prefer smaller crowds. From exploration walks to giant fort building and everything in between, CHAMPCAMP! Playa has your kiddo’s epic summer experience covered from A to Z!

*Tower 41*


SESSION 1:  JUNE 19 - JUNE 23  

SESSION 2:  JUNE 26 - JULY 30 

SESSION 3:  JULY 03, 06, & 07

SESSION 4:  JULY 10 - JULY 14 

SESSION 5:  JULY 17 - JULY 21 

SESSION 6:  JULY 24 - JULY 28 

SESSION 7:  JULY 31 - AUG 04

SESSION 8:  AUG 07 - AUG 11

SESSION 9:  AUG 14 - AUG 18 

SESSION 10:  AUG 21 - AUG 25 





* 2018 Schedule COMING SOON!