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What's your Summer 2019 Sched ?

Excitedly, WE HAVE FOUR BEACH CAMP locations in the South Bay! YOU'LL FINd US partying in PLAYA, EL SEGUNDO, Manhattan, and Redondo. Check out our LOCATIONS page for the details on each spot's schedule!



What's the AGE RANGE of Champ Campers ?

WHILE CHAMPIONS COME IN ALL AGES, CHAMP CAMP'S AGE RANGE at the beach IS 4 to 12. Please note that campers must be FULLY potty trained (from a - z) — no exceptions!

Champ camp sounds so familiaR! Where have I seen you guys before?

there’s a very good chance that at some point you’ve seen us cruisin’ Through town in one of our Neon Green or Black Champ Vans! Beep beep!


What should my kiddo WEAR to camp ? (PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING)

  • Bathing Suit

  • Croc-Like shoes or FLip Flops

  • Sunglasses & Hat for MAX Sun Protection!

  • rashguard or swim shirt (they’ll receive a champ camp rashguard their first day of camp)

    • *Rashguard not included at el segundo location*

Tell Me more about the rashguards…

A fresh Champ Camp rashguard is included with your session purchase (Excludes el segundo location)! Your camper will receive it on their first day of camp, and it functions as their uniform for the whole week.

What should my kiddo BRING to camp ? (PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING)

  • Sunscreen (Spray & Face Stick)

  • Lunch & Snacks for the Day

  • Refillable Water Bottle

  • Towel (For drying, eating on, & Lounging)

Can I PleasE purchase an extra rashguard ?

YES! in the registration process, you’ll have the Chance to buy an extra rashguard, just in case You’d rather do laundry a bit less often. There are also sun hats and trucker hats for sale, all of which are available exclusively to 2019 Champ Camp fams! *Excludes el segundo location*

That's a long day! What if my camper needs time to chillax ?

It’d be an understatement to say that being champions at the beach for seven hours is tiring. During every set of activities, we offer at least one “R&R” option. This means that if your child wants to rest for a little bit they have the choice to pick A LESS STRENUOUS ACTIVITY like DRAWING OR SAND CASTLE CREATION. To avoid having campers drain themselves by being too active all day or miss out on fun by not being active enough, CHAMPCAMP aims to find a balance between the two. To Boot, We provide our campers with plenty of shade under our Champ Camp canopy tents! 


A full day session lasts from 9:00 Am - 3:30 PM, while a Half Day Session Lasts from 9:00 AM - 12:30 pm. SESSIONS RUN M-F, WITH A BRAND NEW ONE STARTING EACH WEEK!

Do you offer extended care ?

NOPE! With such an action-packed day, camp ends promptly at 3:30, as we don't want our kiddos to be too tired for the rest of the week's fun! 


HECK Yes! During the online registration process you will be asked whether or not your child IS COMFORTABLE IN THE OCEAN. AS IT TURNS OUT, MOST PARENTS RESPOND "NO!" SO, MOST OF OUR WATER TIME ACTIVITIES CONSIST OF ON-THE-SHORE games, wave jumpin', Sand Castle Creatin', SEARCHIN’ FOR SAND CRABS, and so on. Our campers stay together in one big group on the shore and very shallow water, encapsulated by counselors and overseen by the L.A. COUNTY lifeguard on duty. Be sure to check out our SAFETY page for MORE info on how we stay safe at all times!

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My child IS VERY COMFORTABLE in the ocean... is Champ Camp a good fit ?

YeP - Couldn't be better! On the first day of camp, we group all of those whose parents said they ARE comfy in the ocean and observe their water abilities. Based on our observations from that first day, we determine which cAMPERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO VENTURE OUT A BIT DEEPER WITH OUR COUNSELORS. Whether your child is on the shore or swimming deeper, our SIX-TO-ONE ratio always applies!


How's my Camper grouped ?

Here's the simple answer: However they want! CHAMP Campers are given the ability to freely choose between games and activities. This means that siblings and/or buddies that sign up together are able to hang out with one another all day long, no matter their ages! Please refer to the “Philosophy” area of the site for more information regarding the importance of choice in childhood activity and why this makes CHAMP CAMP so DANG COOL.

Where and when do Drop Off & Pick Up take place ?

For all locations, drop off takes place from 9:00 TO 9:30am. We stagger the time in order to avoid creating a big traffic back-up. We beg you... please help us in doing ALL we can to show respect to our neighbors and not block traffic! If you'd like to escort your kiddo to us in person, please park in a legal spot and walk on down!

HALF DAY  pick up takes place from 12:00 TO 12:30 PM. We will bring your camper right up to the spot where they were dropped off in the morning. So, if you sign your champ up for half day, just pull up to drop off site and we'll have them ready to hop in the car!

FULL DAY Pick UP is from 3:00 TO 3:30 pm. Simply pull up to the same spot that you dropped off your camper in the morning and a CHAMP CAMP staff member will be there ready to help your camper into the car. PLEASE BLOCK zero DRIVEWAYs during this process!

Regarding the location-specific drop off and and pick up details, you will be emailed visual instructions in the week preceding your session(s)!