AN IMMERSIVE program for Thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen YEAR OLDs INTERESTED IN gaining invaluable experience in LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY, WHILE ALSO GETTING A TAN... Join #TeamTeen! 



The Champ Teens Program gives older campers the opportunity to experience Champ Camp in a whole new way! Over the course of a week, these big kiddos begin to make the transition from camper to mentor, as they shadow a counselor and learn all of the intricacies of being an Awesome role model for the little ones. Champ teens will laugh, play, and learn their way through an unforgettably transformative week!

To boot, there are also a few perks to being the big fish on campus! Champ Teens receive a special rashguard, hat, & shirt, and have their very own designated area to chill in at camp. And It might just be us, but being a stellar Champ teen seems like a pretty good way to get a job as CHAMP CAMP counselor down the line :)