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YOUR KIDS’ AFTERNOONS ARE ABOUT TO GET A WHOLE LOT CHAMPIER! We are now offering afternoon classes to Playa Vista Elementary Students, and the surrounding community! Peek below to find out how to add a little extra play to your kid’s (after school) day!


# Party in the park

Much like our beach camp, Champ Camp Afternoons provides its kids with a varied selection of activities every day. In each game or activity that we play, the goal is to make movement fun, encourage creativity & imagination, and create a relaxed and cohesive environment where kids connect with kids. All activities are intentionally designed to be fun, physically & mentally engaging, and foster friendships that last for the long haul!



Lotsa stuff to do, just to name a few!..

Champ Camp Afternoons offer campers a lion’s share of activities, including… baseball, basketball, Kickball, soccer, capture the flag, sharks and minnows, dodgeball, olympic games, obstacle courses, fort building, lawn bowling, gaga pit, and much, much more!


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What Grade range is this program ideal for?

Champ Camp Afternoons is perfectly suited for all kids currently attending Elementary school (grades Dk-6)!

How long do sessions last?

Each session lasts for four school weeks, and we will be offering four total sessions for the fall 2019 school year!

When and Where do champ camp afternoons take place?

Champ Camp afternoons meets after school on Tuesdays between 2pm and 4pm and Wednesdays between 3pm to 5pm at Crescent Park South (6000 Crescent Park E, Playa Vista, 90094)! classes last either one or two hours each!

As the year progresses, more days and times will be added! HAVE A CLASS REQUEST?! CLICK BELOW TO LET US KNOW!


My kiddo attends Playa Vista Elementary School— Who picks them up when school lets out, how do they get to the park, and where do I pick them up?

Great, Most all of our campers attend PVES. When school lets out, your child will be picked up by Champ Camp Staff and carefully escorted to Crescent Park South (about a THREE min walk). Once there, we let the games begin! THEN, You’ll pick your little one up from Crescent Park South at THE END TIME OF YOUR CHILD’S CLASS, WHICH DEPENDS ON THE REGISTRATION OPTION THAT YOU CHOOSE.

Does my child receive any goodies with his or her registration?

You Betcha! Your kiddo will receive a Champ Camp t-shirt for each Session they’re enrolled in. Additionally, we also have Hoodies and Hats available for purchase if you really want to dial In your child’s swag game! {More SWAG Options COMING SOON}.

My kiddo DOES NOT ATTEND Playa Vista Elementary School— CAN THEY STILL PARTICIPATE, and how do drop off & Pick Up Work?

We’ve got great news for ya… Yes, Champ Camp afternoons are open to all families, no matter what school they attend or what their zip code is! But, Instead of Us picking up your kid from school, you drop them off directly at the park at 3pm, and then pick them up at THE END OF THEIR CLASS, WHICH DEPENDS ON THE REGISTRATION OPTION THAT YOU CHOOSE.

What’s Champ Camp Afternoons Ratio of campers to coaches?

At the very minimum, our ratio of campers to coaches is 10 to 1. For the Park setting, this ratio ensures the safety of our campers, while affording us the ability to run multiple activities simultaneously.

I’m not able to commit to a whole four week session AHEAD OF TIME. Can I pOP by ON the day OF?

No Problem! For those families who aren’t able to go all in for a full session, we offer a ‘pay by the day’ option. In this case, you’d drop your child off directly at Crescent park South and pay for the day in person. This option is only available if the current session is not yet at capacity— please contact us before showing up! rates are as follows:

  • One Hour OPTION: $28 Per CLASS

  • Two Hour option: $45 per class

Do you offer any discounts?

We sure do! There’s an automatic 5% sibling discount that applies to both kids When you enroll in a full session! please note that this doesn’t apply to the above drop in rates!

My Child isn’t Really into sports— is this program a good fit?

Heck yes. A considerable amount of kids that come through our programs aren’t particularly jazzed on traditional sports, and that’s GOOD WITH US! While we do play many traditional sports like soccer, baseball, and football, we’RE A PLAY-BASED PROGRAM at our core. So, we also offer activities like fort building, obstacle courses, sharks & Minnows, Dance parties, dodgeball, gaga, etc., all with the intention of getting kids stoked on moving around outdoors with their buddies! Whether or not a kid is interested in sports, we believe that the importance of peppering physical activity into their lives whenever possible can’t be understated!

I have some more questions— What should I do?

No WOrries! Shoot us an email or give us a buzz and we’ll be happy to answer anything else that’s on your mind (contact info below]!