It is important to note that, while we do pack a lot of activity into our days at CHAMPCAMP!, there is also plenty of relaxation time.

In addition to the action-packed sports, games, and competitions that our champions play, there are rest time activities available at all times for those of us who need a little time to recoup. :)

Not every child enjoys common sports like baseball, football, and soccer. While CHAMPCAMP! does offer these options, it also offers other unique activities that will KNOCK THE SOCKS OFF OF JUST ABOUT ANY CHAMP!

Some of these include, but are not limited to:
Sand soccer, water play, capture the flag, relay races, Champlympic Games, yoga, dance, skim boarding, boogie boarding, face painting, arts and crafts, dodge ball, Limbo, hula hoop offs, tug-o-war, Team-Building games, Fort Building with our BIG BLUE BLOCKS,  and many, many more!